We’ve all been there: after a couple of months, or even months, of regular wear, your Mens Chelsea boots start to show the wear and tear of their life. They have a new scuff here and a new hole there, a slight hangnail here or a few dings over there that make them look “okay” but nowhere near their usual clean-edged perfection. But it’s not too late, you can fix it! Follow these 4 simple steps and you can have them looking as great as they did when you first purchased them. These steps are so effective in order to clean the Chelsea shoes the right and easy way:

1.   Dry Your Boots

Let’s face it, after all of the miles you put on them, they are bound to get a little mucky and dirty. Wet weather, muddy fields and even the occasional cat walk will take their toll on your boots and not just on the outside. If your Suede Chelsea boots are showing any signs of water damage (possibly even soaking wet), take them off and dry them with a hair dryer on low. Afterwards, wipe them down with a soft rag and a bit of lint-free pillow case.

2.   Top to Toe Cleaning

The next step is to take a light sprinkle of milk or white vinegar and use the cap of your mop to soak up any of the milk or vinegar residue. It’s important that you use a damp mop so that you get the proper result. Place the mop on a section of the boot’s sole and use the mop and the remainder of the milk/vinegar to remove any unsightly dirt from the sole.

3.   Remove Lightly Cracked Soles

You can put down the rubber mop and reach into the boots for the sole to pry it out with your fingers. Don’t hesitate to cut the leather or trim it down if you want to add a sleek look or smooth finish to your boots. Take care not to damage the leather as it will be your only hope of resealing the sole.

4.   Polish Up

For this step, you’ll want to take the milk/vinegar solution and rub it into the boot, making sure to cover all of the different areas where there is dirt. For the soles, you’ll want to take two papers or a notepad and lightly cover the leather on the top and bottom to ensure that you get in between each crease. Once the areas are covered, let them dry and repeat the process until the entirety of the boot has been covered.

Final Verdict

Using these simple steps, you can have your Tan Chelsea boots looking as great as they did when you first bought them. We have used the simple method for how to clean Chelsea boots the right way. Give them a good deep clean and then let them dry on the shoe rack. Or if you really love your boots, you can buy Chelsea boot cleaner or polishing foam and take your boots to the spa. This is also a good way to clean them.

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