We still prefer to play with boots when we’re wearing a suit or a nice pair of trousers, but we understand that it’s possible to wear these shoes with a lot of different styles in the current casual or daily occasion. Mens Chelsea Boots are the easiest option to wear them with different pieces. The traditional colors can be accompanied by grey, black, light brown, tan, brown, or even green. A jacket will give you a perfect balance between elegance and comfort, so it’s a good choice to take it with you.

We’ve decided to show you some stylish ways to wear Chelsea boots with pants or trousers. These looks are very easy to achieve and look good even when you don’t really try to be trendy.

A Classic Suit

This classic pair of Chelsea boots is a perfect addition to a navy suit. You can wear it with the jacket and the trousers. The trousers should be slim and above the ankle. The jacket should be on the slim side and you can layer it with a gray turtleneck sweater or a cardigan.

Plaid Shoes

Plaids are another great option when you want to wear Chelsea boots with pants or trousers. A plaid pair of Chelsea boots looks great with a pair of dark blue pants, light brown pants, khaki pants or even olive pants. This outfit looks very cozy and comfortable.

An Everyday Suit

You can also wear plaid Chelsea boots with a basic suit. We can suggest you a burgundy suit and a burgundy cardigan or a brown blazer. This is a great combination for the spring and summer.

Brown Shoes

The Brown Chelsea boots color is perfect for matching with a plaid suit. This is an unusual pairing, but it looks elegant and sophisticated. A simple pair of trousers and a dark brown or black pair of Chelsea boots can also look very nice and sharp.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans pair well with burgundy Chelsea boots. This look is a great choice for a casual night out. A dark blue turtleneck sweater or a beige jacket with black jeans look great with it.

Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

If you want to wear a short sleeve button down shirt, you can also choose blue jeans with them. A brown pair of Chelsea boots will also look good with it.

Brown Boots with Black Trousers

This look is very versatile. It looks great for a casual day. You can combine it with a light brown Black Chelsea boots, a dark brown pair or even a brown pair with a khaki suit.

Final Words

Now you have learned how to wear Chelsea boots with pants and trousers. Every pair of Chelsea boots looks good on its own. When you add a jacket, you can take it up a level. And when you add a different pair of trousers, it will even add a new dimension to the outfit. You can never go wrong with Chelsea boots, so just find the ones that work best for you. We hope that you’ll find these stylish ways to be more versatile to combine Chelsea boots with trousers or trousers. Also, you can find more Chelsea boots inspiration for men.

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