While Mens Chelsea Boots have become ubiquitous among menswear heads in recent years, the boots have in fact been around for quite some time. The kind that Chelsea fanatics are familiar with, however, are described as lace-up boots by name alone—albeit Chelsea lace-ups, or Chelsea lace-ups for short. These boots traditionally had a pointed toe and low-profile rubber soles, which were meant to protect the wearer from the cold on winter mornings while allowing him to wear them with a suit and tie.

Here are few things to wear with Chelsea boots for maximum style impact:

  • Long Coat

The easiest way to get the Chelsea look is with a short-sleeved sport coat. A tailored sport coat in a dark color such as charcoal grey will help to elongate the leg, while still allowing the boots to look smart. A contrast-color sport coat is a nice way to add more color while remaining polished and formal.

  • Navy Coat

A navy suit jacket is the smart way to wear Brown Chelsea Boots with a traditional suit. A gray suit in a medium shade of blue (as opposed to a black suit in a medium shade of blue) will balance the “outdoor” effect of the Chelsea. This can add an extra style to your boots.

  • Charcoal Coat

A charcoal coat will show off the Chelsea boots’ outline, and is the perfect way to balance the “outdoor” effect of the boots. An all-black or all-gray suit jacket with these boots will be sophisticated.

  • Pinstripe Suit

Navy wool pinstripe is a great Chelsea boot-suit combination, as it is a color that can easily be easily dressed down and is also a classic “smart-casual” pairing those men love to wear with suits. This Chelsea boot-suit is classic, timeless, and will look just as good in ten years as it will today.

  • Silk Tie

This Chelsea boot-suit combo relies on the idea of mixing old-school accessories with new-school fashion. A silk tie such as this one in dark charcoal gray or this gray-and-black tie in charcoal gray are perfect for this Chelsea boot-suit combination. A gray-and-black tie brings contrast to the all-black look of the Chelsea boots and keeps the look timeless.

  • Seersucker Suit

As noted earlier, the perfect Chelsea boot-suit combo is a contrast-colored suit and a Chelsea boot. Seersucker is one of the key colors for a matching suit and Chelsea boots combination. This particular suit is the Regent Seersucker Suit, which is a high-quality, super-tailored seersucker suit made by a well-respected custom suit company.

Final Verdict

To sum it up about what to wear with Chelsea boots for maximum style impact: if you’re a Chelsea boot fan who is looking to upgrade your “warmer weather” footwear, you can try these Chelsea boot-suit combo. You can dress it up or dress it down, depending on your personal style. These are particularly well suited to those with a professional, serious style look. Whatever your age or gender, however, you can pair your Chelsea with any suit, dress shirt, tie, or jacket you prefer. The boots, for their part, are the only “outdoorsy” thing in this ensemble.

Author Michael Caine

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